The Wellbeing Reset Program


Training, support & inspiration to help you prioritize your wellbeing & make time for what matters most.


Are you ready for a reset?

Wellbeing is an essential foundation.

If we do not prioritize our wellbeing and mental health, we become vulnerable to stress and burnout, we can't perform at our best, and our physical health suffers.

Yet many struggle to prioritize key behaviors such as sleep, exercise and eating well. Fostering healthy relationships, practicing gratitude and relaxation are also key for restoring ourselves physically and mentally.

Fortunately, the latest science in habits can help us strengthen our wellbeing.

We know why wellbeing is important. The Wellbeing Reset Program will help you focus on how to prioritize the activities that matter most.

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Your five-week program includes:

Weekly video training (on-demand ~ 30 minutes / week)

Weekly group coaching session (1 hour / week)

Weekly exercises and reflections (10 min / week)

A short-term investment of your time with a powerful long-term pay-off brought to you by bestselling author and speaker, Ann Gomez, founder of Clear Concept Inc.

Clear Concept Inc. is a global training organization empowering people to do their best work with practical productivity, collaboration, and mindset strategies.

Every day, we work with busy people across industries, including finance, law, healthcare, and education.

We show our clients how to use practical strategies, tools, and systems to restore balance, manage their energy, prioritize wellbeing, and work with purpose. 

People who say they very often or always experience burnout at work are:

63% more likely to take a sick day.

23% more likely to visit the emergency room.

2.6 times as likely to be actively seeking a different job.

Gallup's Perspective on Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures

In this five-week program, you'll learn key habits to help you address:
  • overwhelm
  • burnout
  • lack of focus
  • conflict
  • feeling disconnected and unmotivated

We'll explore the power of 7 core wellbeing habits and their importance today more than ever:

  • Sleep
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Relationships
  • Relaxation

After all, developing habits is more sustainable and far more effective than relying on discipline and willpower.

With a comprehensive Participant Guide and downloadable resource material, including action plans and a Wellbeing Habit Blueprint, PLUS coaching, you'll have the support you need, and practical strategies and tools you can use to prioritize your wellbeing.

"(Those) who work to proactively prevent and manage burnout will be building stronger, healthier, more productive workforces into the future.”

-  Gallup | The Wellbeing-Engagement Paradox of 2020

How the Reset works:


The Wellbeing Reset runs 5 weeks. Each week participants:

Watch a video training (~30 minutes, on-demand)

Complete a short reflection exercise on your own time (~10 minutes)

Join a 60 minute group coaching call with a Clear Concept coach to answer your questions and support you to:

  • Use practical, simple techniques to integrate wellbeing habits into each day
  • Address the knowing/doing gap associated with wellbeing habits and understand how to use habits to save energy and drive results
  • Establish your own framework to support new wellbeing habits – including an individual Wellbeing Habit Blueprint you can implement immediately
  • Use the science of wellbeing and the practice of positive psychology to contribute to your own individual wellbeing
  • Build your resiliency to skillfully navigate challenges
  • Manage chronic stress and avoid its negative effects
  • Restore balance and boundaries around recovery, fitness and sleep, so you can thrive
  • Leverage the latest science around the power of habits and how to establish long-term behavior change

Coaching calls are recorded and available for review.

Read more about each module below.


Sleep is a non-negotiable biological necessity. Learn why you need to stop treating sleep as optional and how to make the most of this crucial renewal source.


Gratitude has been promoted as the greatest of virtues for thousands of years. Learn how you can leverage gratitude to curate the life of your dreams.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation both offer an incredible range of benefits, which is why top performers embrace these practices. Learn how to create your transformative practice.


Food fuels our focus, energy, productivity, and our health. Sort through the convoluted messages about nutrition to get to the core of your optimal nutrition.


We know exercise is crucial to our wellbeing. Yet, it may be a struggle to find the time and motivation. Learn how much exercise you need, and practical strategies you can use to build more exercise into your busy life, so you can overcome these obstacles and reset your fitness.

Relationships & Relaxation

We are biologically wired to connect. Learn how to cultivate stronger bonds across all your relationships, and discover how to reclaim time for relaxation and renewal, so you can perform at your best.

What our clients say:
"By far, this was the best training program I have attended in my entire career."

- Banking executive

"The weekly Reset videos are excellent! The science behind the ideas have given me so much context, so it's easier to remember and apply every day. Ann is easy to connect with - even on video! The participant guide is a wonderful tool that keeps me on track and is easy to use and update. Overall, the topics felt like they were hand-picked for me, and really gave an excellent path to start and continue a new year with great intentions."

- Sherri Munro, Senior VP, Wealth Management

"This has been the most wonderful series. You made it so comfortable to share our tips & struggles. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, and taken away so many valuable insights that are helping me each and every day. I am deeply grateful."


- Perlina Quattrociocchi
Project Manager, Staples Canada

"What fantastic content! The idea that stuck with me most is the "tiny step" to build a habit. I will be recommending this (program) to my organization."

- Finance executive

"Ann was amazing. The whole session was great. I took a lot away from this Wellbeing session."

- Financial Services executive

"It really has been life changing. My boss just commented on how much happier I am at work."

- Vice President, Legal industry

Meet Ann Gomez

Ann Gomez is an inspiring speaker, a USA Today bestselling author and the founder of Clear Concept Inc., a global training organization.

For almost 20 years, Ann and her team at Clear Concept have used practical productivity tools, collaboration skills, and mindset practices to help busy people feel less overloaded and make time in their day for what matters most. 

A former management consultant, Ann is the bestselling author of The Email Warrior and a contributing author of The Younger Self Letters. She has been featured in The Globe & Mail and has appeared on CBC Radio, Global TV and BNN, and other major news outlets and online platforms, including Huffington Thrive Global. 

Ann is passionate about helping people do their best work.

Our contributing coaches:

Marla Warner is a Certified Business and Leadership Coach (RCC), a Health Coach and a Positive Psychology Coach, with over 25 years of experience inspiring and motivating audiences. Marla nurtures people's resilience, as well as their professional and personal development, by integrating the science of wellbeing into practical strategies to support thriving at work and in life. We are thrilled to have Marla join us as a contributing coach in our Wellbeing Reset.

Dr. Stacey Goldman is a naturopathic doctor and the founder of The Spark Institute, a multidisciplinary health clinic that helps people to feel the best they can in their bodies. She is passionate about educating people on how diet impacts all aspects of mind and body. She empowers others to take ownership of their health by providing them with the resources to do so. Dr. Stacey believes for a person to reach ultimate wellness, several fundamentals must be in place. This is why she is so excited about the Wellbeing Reset Program!

"You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be."

- Marianne Williamson - 




Training, support & inspiration to help you prioritize your wellbeing & make time for what matters most.

Your five-week program includes:

  • Unlimited access to weekly, on-demand video training covering the 7 wellbeing pillars (~ 30 minutes / week) 
  • a mini master class on Habits
  • PLUS: WEEKLY GROUP COACHING to answer your questions and help you get the results you want
    (1 hour / week) 
  • A comprehensive Participant Guide on 7 core wellbeing pillars
  • A weekly reflection exercise reviewed by your coach (if you choose)

With unlimited access to:

Downloadable tools and templates including your Wellbeing Habit Blueprint

Registration information for our next cohort will be available soon.

Register your team?

Investing in people is not only essential for engaging and retaining top talent, it is simply the right thing to do to create a healthy and thriving workplace - powered by meaning and purpose. 

The Wellbeing Reset Program is a cost-effective way for organizations to provide training that fosters engagement and wellbeing across the organization. 

Contact us to learn how to offer this program to your team for as low as 20$/person.

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