Own Your Time

How would you feel if you could finally take control of busy days and stay focused on your top priorities?

Achieve your goals. Live with purpose.

It's time.



Too many emails?

Too many meetings?

Plagued by interruptions?

Feeling disorganized?

Tired of procrastinating?

Always scrambling to meet deadlines but never getting caught up?

A to-do list that never gets any shorter?

Sound familiar?

You're not alone.

Every day, we work with busy people across industries - finance, law, healthcare, and education. 

Junior associates beginning their careers, senior partners, seasoned administrative professionals, C-suite executives, sole practitioners or entrepreneurs.

The professions are distinct but all share the same challenge:

Too much to do. Not enough hours in the day.

What if you had practical strategies in place to streamline, scale back and seek help whenever life gets busy?

What if you could finally take control of busy days and stay focused on what matters most instead of simply reacting all day long?

It's time.

We can help.

Own Your Time is an online course from Productivity and Leadership expert, and best-selling author, Ann Gomez.

You'll learn a practical and proven approach you can use to change the way you work, think, and live.

You'll be equipped with the tools and systems you need to restore boundaries to your work and home life, manage your energy, own your time - and thrive. 

The best part? You can do this all on-demand.

On your own time.

Are you ready to do your best work? Live your best life?

You’re always working hard for others at work and home. Wouldn’t it be great to do something for yourself where you see an immediate, positive effect on your own work - and life? In 5 engaging and easy-to-follow recorded training sessions, you'll learn practical strategies to stay out of reactive mode and take control of your day.

You'll learn how to:

  • bust the myth of multi-tasking 
  • protect the focus time you need each day to achieve your top priorities
  • define a time budget and set crystal clear priorities 
  • manage in-person interruptions while remaining responsive and accessible

(Plus, how to tackle the #1 source of workplace interruptions - ourselves!)

  • establish a customized priority management system to align your tasks to your priorities
  • create your own Master Action Plan 
  • deal with email overload
  • use the 5 policies you need to build your own proactive, daily routine
  • plan for all the "unknowns" that creep into our day and steal our attention
  • manage your energy and restore balance and boundaries around recovery, fitness and sleep, so you can thrive at work and in life
  • streamline, scale back and seek help whenever life gets busy
  • organize your office space to optimize your working environment
  • find and use the must-have organization tools for  your office
  • use digital storage techniques to get - and stay - organized
  • PLUS: stop procrastinating and achieve the amazing results you are destined to achieve
Each session includes downloadable materials you can use to transform how you work - and how you live.

5 engaging sessions:

4+ hours of content and all of the downloadable tools and templates you can use to transform how you work and live. You'll want to share these techniques with your colleagues, family and friends.

The Power of Focus

We want to be accessible and responsive to our colleagues. But we have to balance this with the need to protect focus time to work on our priorities. It's time to bust the myth of multi-tasking and find effective ways to build more focus time into our busy days. With your focus routine in place, you'll get more done at a higher quality level. 

Priority Management: Your Master Action Plan

Concentrate your energy to achieve your biggest impact using the foundation of all productivity, a Master Action Plan. This is the tool you need to manage all of the competing priorities vying for your time. Plus learn how to build an effective priority management system to keep you focused and on task. 

Your Proactive Routine

Building a proactive routine is the ultimate solution for busy people who feel pulled in multiple directions. This is critical to ensure we protect time for the priorities that matter most - at work and home. Use your routine to streamline, scale back and seek help when needed, so you can thrive at work - and in life. 

Digital & Physical Organization

Organization is a critical productivity tool. It drives efficiency, improves focus and helps you to maximize your resources. Learn key principles to purge, organize and streamline your digital and physical workspace. 

BONUS NOW AVAILABLE: Overcoming Procrastination

Learn why we procrastinate, plus a powerful tool you can use to bust through procrastination, reach your goals and achieve the amazing results you are destined to achieve.

Start Owning Your Time Today

You'll wish you had started sooner.

Productivity & Leadership Consultant &
Best-Selling Author:
Ann Gomez

Ann Gomez is a former Management Consultant and the Founding President of Clear Concept Inc. She is the best-selling author of The Email Warrior: How to clear your inbox and keep it that way.

At Clear Concept, we train people to achieve their best through practical productivity and leadership programs. Ann is passionate about helping people accelerate their career and thrive at work and in life.

Ann has been featured in The Globe & Mail and has appeared on CBC Radio, Global TV and BNN, and other major news outlets and online platforms.

More on Ann

"Ann Gomez has revolutionized the way I practice law and run my businesses. By applying Clear Concept's methodologies and productivity strategies for years, I have leveraged time and resources in a manner that has yielded measurable financial gains. Ann (has) applied her incredible expertise to streamline the physical layout of my office. This has been transformative. The focus and efficiencies I have gained through Ann's office design and productivity systems have been tremendous. Ann is truly the best in her industry - hands down. "

Laura Williams
Founder & Principal, Williams HR Law

"Absolutely life-changing. My inbox continues to have nothing in it at the end of the day, I can power through my focused work in a way that I never did before and the benefit of having tasks aligned to priorities is brilliant! Thanks for making a huge difference in my productivity."

Senior Manager, Banking industry

"Essential training for any professional."

Romesh Hettiarachchi
Founder, Managing Director, B&I Legal Counsel

"I have been using your amazing system for about a year now and it totally works and I love it."

Customer Service, Financial services industry

"It really has been life changing. My boss just commented on how much happier I am at work."

Vice President, Legal industry

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Priority Management: Building Your Master Action Plan


(plus applicable taxes)

1 Session 
Priority Management: Your Master Action Plan

Plus: Master Action Plan FAQs video

Tools and templates to build your Master Action Plan

Own it

Own Your Time Program


(plus applicable taxes)

All 4 sessions

Overcoming Procrastination

Your Master Action Plan FAQs video

5 sessions and over 4 hours of easy-to-follow, how-to recordings on key productivity strategies


Downloadable tools and templates you can use to transform how you work - and live.

Own it

Own Your Time Program + Coaching


(plus applicable taxes)

All 4 sessions

All of the content included in the MASTER program

Overcoming Procrastination


Exclusive add-on:
2 one-hour coaching sessions with a Productivity Expert for long-term reinforcement. Live, interactive, one-on-one coaching to build your customized Master Action Plan and your Proactive Routine step-by-step!


Downloadable tools and templates you can use to transform how you work - and live.

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At Clear Concept we believe every person can be outstanding at work and in life. Our mission is to train people to achieve their best through practical productivity and leadership programs.

You'll be able to start using our proven tools and strategies right away, and once you do, we know you'll see immediate results in your work - and life. 

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